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As supplier of genuine FAG and SKF bearings we traditionally serve the export and shipping industry.


Our motto is:

Promptness – Reliability – Cost effectiveness

Promptness - Ships must sail, machines must operate. One day more in the docks is costly. Hence we deliver fast and on time so that our customers can focus on their business rather than waste time on hunting for spare parts.


Reliability - We know that our customers cannot afford machines that are not running due to the delivery of a wrong spare part. Therefore we deliver the correct parts right from the start.


Cost effectiveness - Our customers have better things to do than compare prices from various suppliers. Therefore we offer fair prices right from the beginning. This saves time and establishes a mutual basis for a long term co-operation based on trust.


We consider ourselves a full service supplier. If you are looking for a particular item we will procure this or the same type of article for you.

We handle everything starting with customs declarations right through drawing up the documents and shipping the ordered articles:

  • ex-works
  • FOB / CIF
  • directly to your warehouse


Kugellager, Wälzlager, ball bearings


Phone      +49 40 - 38 33 46
Fax +49 40 - 38 87 64
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TTH-Techno Trade Hamburg GmbH
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